Alexa Mini preamplified microphone; it can be used as a stand alone on-board mic. It provides LINE level output on both camera channels.
The internal li-po battery guarantees a long operation life (up to 70 hours) and it can be recharged via USB-C.

Lav mic concealer for Sanken Cos-11


Dual RX holder for SoundDevices 633 & 833 recorders to keep your bag nice & tidy

DUOPUT, an audio adapter which allows to use the stereo track of the camera in a dual mono configuration: on the RIGHT channel you can connect an external source with a mini jack connector (e.g. wireless receiver or timecode generator) whilst on the LEFT channel DUOPUT’s internal microphone will provide sound for safety, sync and b-rolls.


Lemo to TA5 adapters, for using Lemo 3 ended microphones with Lectrosonics transmitters.


USB power adaptor for 25 pin sockets. It is compatible with all the wireless receivers provided with Sony camera slot.

Ideal for powering wireless receivers with common USB power banks, considering that the new Sound Devices MixPre Series are also USB powered.

Just a battery box in your sound bag and that's it, all the kit is powered. Low battery? A laptop or a phone charger would work fine. The future is USB powered...ah!


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