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The easiest way to record scratch sound on your ARRI Alexa Mini & XT

 ARRI Alexa Mini and XT are amazing cameras that deliver great image with modular capabilities. But they lack proper audio input. MiniMic adds reference sound to ARRI Alexa Mini and Alexa XT cameras, it is self powered and the operation is extremely simplified: it powers up automatically when the minijack is plugged in. Due to its reduced weight MiniMic can be easily installed when the camera is already rigged on an EasyRig or a Movi. Alongside providing sound for the sync, MiniMic is ideal when playback is needed on set (e.g. music videos with choreography). The internal omnidirectional capsule allows MiniMic to be rigged wherever is convenient for the operator; the clapperboard's sound would always be captured.
Keep in mind that MiniMic is just a scratch mic. If high-end sound is what you are looking for, please hire a sound man!

£150+ shipping

Right angle Lemo 5 audio cable & USB-C charging cables are included.


  •  Internal omnidirectional microphone


  •  LINE level audio on minijack


  •  Internal Li-Po battery

  •  More than 70 hours of continuous operation

  •  20 minutes circa of charging time via USB-C


  •  53 x 25 x 13 mm


  •  20 grams

Setting the Camera Audio Recording

1. Choose MENU > Recording > Audio recording

2. Set audio recording on.

3. Set control mode of both channels to Auto.

Meters are now showing the current level of channel signal.


1. Plug the 3.5mm minijack and MiniMic will turns automatically ON

2. Unplug the minijack to turn MiniMic OFF and save battery

Note: the internal battery lasts for about 70 hours; it is recommended to unplug MiniMic at the end of your shooting day.


1. Plug the provided USB-C cable

2. RED light on the side shows that the unity is charging

3. When the light turns BLUE your unit is fully charged


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